Everyone knows the fairytale about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, about the wicked Stepmother that sends the Princess to the woods to be killed. The Huntsman didn’t have the guts to kill the poor girl so he let´s her go free to live in the woods. She stumbles upon a cottage belonging to Seven Dwarfs, they are so kind to let her live with them and become her protectors. After realising that Snow White was still alive, the Queen goes out of her way to try and kill her by herself. After several failed attempts she comes by at the cottage and gives her a poisoned apple, Snow White takes a bite and falls into a state of animation. A Prince stumbles upon the glass coffin in the woods, that Snow Whites body is kept in. In his attempt to move her to a proper resting place, one of the Princes servant trips which causes the piece of apple to dislodge from her throat and she is filled with life again. Snow White and the prince fall in love, get married and live happily ever after.  

Even though the old fairytale about Snow White is widely known, especially in western countries, not everyone know who was the role model for the Princess Snow White. She was actually Icelandic! The role model was Krístín Sölvadóttir, born in Siglufjörður. The Western Icelander, Charles Thorson drew Snow White with Kristín in mind. So Walter Elias Disney was not the one to make Snow White as he had claimed, the real makers of Snow White were Sölvi Jónsson and Jónína Gunnlaugsdóttir, a couple from Skagafjörður and the parents of Kristín Sölvadóttir.

Kristín Sölvadóttir moved to the Canada to study when she was only 18 years old, a happy and beautiful young woman. She stayed in Canada for few years but she also lived by Niagra Falls for one year to work. It was probably in the year 1932 where she met Charles Thorson, he was head over heels in love with her. He was always drawing and taught illustration in Arborg. He drew a picture of him as a Prince and Kristín as a Princess, where he was begging her to love him back. He gave that picture to Kristín and told her “All of this will be yours, if only you will be mine”. She did not take his proposal, she was only 22 and he 42 years old. They parted ways in 1934 when Charles Thorson moved to Hollywood to work for Walt Disney. In the year 1936 Kristín moved back home to Iceland where she met her husband, Garðar Þórhalsson, they got married the year after they first met. They hung up the picture Charles drew her on their living room wall where it stayed the whole time they lived together.