The Námafjall Hverir Geothermal Area is a place you must visit when traveling northeast Iceland! Námafjall is the name of the mountain that watches over the Hverir area. It’s definitely a geological wonder, the area is especially great for those interested in geology and those who like to admire some astonishing nature. It really is like nothing you have ever seen before!

The first thing you’ll notice when approaching Hverir is steaming air venting from steam springs called fumaroles, this really is eye catching but there is so much more to see! The temperature of Hverir is over 200°C and they go down to around 1000m depth. There are boiling mudpots called solfataras all around and if you are up for some skincare you can use the excess mud as a facemask!

One of the distinctive features of the area is that it’s covered in various colored sulphur crystals which give of a strange smell of egg. This might be nasty for some people but it’s really not that bad! When the nature is this extraordinary you won’t be thinking about anyting else!

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