Christmas is the time of year that, we believe, almost everyone loves and looks forward to! There is just something about the feel of the holidays coming and everything that follows this wonderful time of year. But doesn’t it sound terrific to be able to get a hint of the christmas spirit at any time?

Just outside of Akureyri, a ten minute drive from the towns central is the Christmas House and it’s open every day of the year! This is really a magical place. There’s a beautiful red wooden house that looks like a gingerbread house, with icicles hanging from the roof and giant candy sitting on the rooftop. Beside the house is a large tower that is the holder of the worlds largest christmas calendar. When walking into the house itself, it feels a bit like waking up on christmas morning.

The smell, the music and the surroundings are phenomenal. Inside is a large collection of christmas items from all over the world and so much more! You can buy all sorts of candy in the christmas house. The caramels they make are very popular, there are so many awesome flavors to choose from, so tasty!

Many families have it as a tradition to visit the christmas house every year right before christmas to get in the christmas mood. Which is a great way for people to avoid stress that tends to follow this time of year and just enjoy with the loved ones. This is really a place where kids can have their own adventure. There is no possible way to be unhappy in a place as adventurous as this one!