For numerous years Siglufjörður was an isolated place, it was hard to travel there due to the great mountains surrounding the fjord. The only way to reach Siglufjörður was to travel around Siglufjarðarskarð which is an old mountain road 630m above sea level. People weren’t able to travel the road all year round due to heavy snow and poor weather conditions during the winter. In the beginning there was only a road over the mountain range suited for horses and men, used to bring necessities to Siglufjörður. But that road was considered to be dangerous, therefor the dean, Þorleifur Skaftason came to dedicate the road and therefor give it his blessing. But sadly that wasn’t enough to lessen the dangers of crossing the road. Bunks of ice formed formed on the road so people needed to crawl their way over parts of the way to reach their destination.


In the year 1940 the mountain was blasted down by 14 meters to make a larger and safer road across the mountain. Four years later the road was made safe for vehicles to cross. Despite all these constructions, people were only able to cross the road for four to five months a year. The mountain road was a big change in transportation for the community until the opening of Strákagöng, The tunnel through the mountain “Strákar”. They were opened in the year 1967 and are now a part of the main route to Siglufjörður. But the mountain road is usually open for a few months over the summer so it is possible to travel this historical road by a jeep.