Eskifjörður (in original Icelandic spelling), or also Eskifjördur, is a town and port in eastern Iceland with a large fishing industry. It has a population of 1,043 and constitutes one of the most populated small town part of the municipality of Fjarðabyggð. Visiting Eskifjörður is a great visual experience! The village is so welcoming and beautiful, it’s full of old colorful buildings that are worth taking a moment to admire. One of the first thing you’ll notice when approaching the town is a gathering of small red houses! Those are the guesthouses of Mjóeyri, a spot just a few meters from the town itself that has been built up for accommodation. This is the perfect place to enjoy the sounds of the ocean, admiring the great mountain, Hólmatindur, that watches over the town. One of Mjóeyri’s unique features is their hot tub! Imagine relaxing in a hot tub boat watching out the fjord! Kinda cool!

Since Eskifjörður is an old fishing village, that has become one of their maincharacteristic features. The main attractions of Eskifjörður is the sculpture by Ragnar Kjartanson that is located along the main road in Eskifjörður, raised in memory of mariners who drowned at sea. The Maritime Museum of East Iceland is also a great place to visit for greater knowledge. it’s a building from 1816 and it’s artefacts illustrate the fishing and seafaring of East Iceland.

When strolling through the town you will notice multiple waterfalls that run down the hills in between the houses of the town, which is so grand and extraordinary. Eskifjörður has one of the most beautiful rare stone collections in Iceland, with thousands of polished, cut and original stones from all over the island, privately owned but visitable.