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We asked Micah Quinn about his favorite hiking places in Iceland. He is an expert in running, nightlife, hiking and mountains so he must have some good tricks up his sleeves when it comes to hiking and picking the most interesting routes!

If you are looking for a fun and active adventure, Micah is a true expert in making fun out of every situation since he describes himself as an outgoing, friendly, passionate, professional and extremely knowledgeable tour guide.

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Hornstrandir is a marvelous area consisting of tundra, cliffs, flowering fields and ice, located in the Westfjords of Iceland. The sharp and extinctive mountains were shaped by Icebergs from the Ice age. Hornstrandir is only approachable by boat or walking since there are no roads for driving which keeps the area so natural and fine. There are loads of walking trails all around for those who like to experience this historical place.


Þórsmörk is named after the Thor, the God and is located in the South Highlands between Tindafjallajökull en Eyjafjallajökull, that has been come famous all over the world after the volcano eruption in 2010. There are various hiking routes in Þórsmörk, you are able to choose how long and demanding you want your hike to be. Whether you choose a short and easy route or a longer and harder one, you are met by an astonishing nature!


Landmannalaugar is also known as a geothermal paradise in the Icelandic Highlands. What makes Landmannalaugar so special are the colorful mountains, the natural hot springs, lava fields, Grænagil canyon and many amazing hiking trails. This really is like hiking in some kind of fairytale!