Kittý Bjarnadóttir – A Smart Guide that specialises in Hiking, mountains and cycling.

We asked Kittý Bjarnadóttir, one of our Smart Guides about her favorite hiking places. She is a true expert in hiking so we were very interested to hear all about her favorite spots!

As well as being a guide, she is a member of the Icelandic Search and Rescue Team, which makes her experienced at ensuring safety. That’s a great quality for a hiking guide since fun and charming hiking trails can often be a bit dangerous.

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Víknaslóðir or “The trails of the Inlets” is a beautiful and adventurous hiking area in the east side of Iceland. The scenery is really outstanding so it’s the perfect place for those who cherish the nature. It can take from three to ten days to explore the area, all depending on what you goal is!


The Fjallabak area is known for it’s distinctive and magnificent nature. What makes this destination so alluring is the mighty colorful mountains, geothermal valleys and volcanic activity. Due to the volcanic activity there is a lot of ash around, making the area very dry end unique looking. This is definitely the perfect hiking place for those who are interested in geology!


Lónsöræfi is one of the Icelandic geological wonders. It’s a place covered in colorful stones, grass, flowers and crystals. This is told to be one of the most attractive hiking places in Iceland. There are a few cabins around the area for hikers to spend the night so you are able to take as much time as you need for your hiking to really soak all this beauty. If you are lucky you might come across some reindeers, since they are very common in this area!