Henry Páll Wulff – Also known as a guy called Paul.

Henry Páll is a SmartGuide with many interests. He likes all kinds of activites, being outside and to show others his favorite hidden treasures. He is an expert in hiking, day trips, northern lights and trekking. We were curious to find out what his favorite hiking places are!

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Kerlingarfjöll or womens mountains is a 1,477 m tall mountain range located in the central of the Icelandic Highlands, near the Kjölur highland road. What makes this area so amazing is all the geothermal activity. There are numerous hot springs and rivulets. Due to the minerals from the hot springs, the ground is colorful and admirable.


Þórsmörk is a mountain ridge in the Southern highlands of Iceland. It’s named after the well known Norse god, Thor. The river Krossá lies between the mountains making the scenery unlike any other! This is a wonderful area for hiking since it offers many different hikes, whether you want to hike on the glaciers or go trekking Laugavegur or Fimmvörðuháls, which are both popular hiking trails for experienced hikers.

Borgarfjörður Eystri

Borgarfjörður Eystri is a region in East Iceland that is known for majestic mountains and various good hiking trails called Víknaslóðir. These trails lead to fjords that used to be full of life but have become deserted with the years passing and is now a popular hiking destination. This is an remote place and really makes you wonder about all history it must have. A colorful and beautiful place that makes your imagination go wild.