In 1912 a Danish woman, Anna Katharine Schiöth founded the Arctic Botanical Garden (Lystigarðurinn) in Akureyri, honoring womens leadership. Her daughter in law, Margarethe Schiöth took over the garden and made it famous, or so it say’s on a statue of her in the garden.

The garden is now owned by Akureyri, but it’s the first public park in Iceland. It is filled with beauty! Statues, water fountains, ponds and thousands of plants, or around 450 icelandic once and 6000 of foreign origin. The colorful flowers make the visit so adventurous, we recommend taking a little break from reality and give yourself an hour or two, to just enjoy the environment.

This is a wonderful place for peaceful walks and to experience the stunning beauty that our planet has to offer! Free entrance and always open. Sounds good right?There’s also a hidden gem in the garden. A coffee-shop called Café Laut, which opened in the year 2012. The astonishing architecture of the Café is a good enough reason to pay a visit!

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