Akureyri is a so called, winter paradise, in the north of Iceland! When visiting Akureyri in the winter time and wanting to feel the adrenaline kick in, we recommend taking a trip to Hlíðarfjall for a ski trip, it’s in a short distance from the town, which is a big plus. When skiing you are met with a fantastic view over the town. The mountain is great for people at all ages, so it’s an ideal place to bring the whole family! We get to choose from 24 different slopes marked by colors after difficulties, from beginners slopes to very difficult ones.

There is no reasons that should prevent visiting Hlíðarfjall, all you need is warm clothing, since it’s possible to rent all equipment that’s needed, ski and snowboards! They even offer free helmets for their customers. Skiing is a great way to exercise in the winter time or a way to meet new people and have a blast! The first time skiing is something you can’t forget, it’s kinda scary at first, not knowing how to control them, always falling but after the first few rounds, thinking you have full control and when you’ve got your confidence back.. you fall again. But that’s what is so fun about skiing, the memories! When traveling we are always looking for things to experience or to make great memories.